Sunday, February 26, 2017

When a wingnut cries foul (pt 2)

Remember we are talking refugees that undergo a 2-3 year vetting process before they step foot in the US. I am going to assume that CA does similar. As I noted in the conversations at a later point, the United States and CA, have the ability of screening refugees prior to arrival. Europe simply cannot do that. Refugees arrive in boats or by foot in numbers too great for European countries to vet thoroughly. Making a cross-cultural comparison is again difficult if not impossible for the same reasons as the "Swedish rape crisis". After some cross-talk, we get to this gem from TW. And I will be honest, after this point I could no longer take anything TW said seriously.

I am going to borrow from Insufferably Intolerant Science Nerd and something they said concerning anti-vaxx conspiracies,
Conspiracy theories are the pinnacle of intellectual laziness.

You're not smart. You're not special. You're not enlightened. You sound like you haven't spent more than 4 seconds on a single thought that has popped into your mind.

Your ignorance is not equal to scientific knowledge.
Like a good little con-nut, TW even hit George Soros.  Or as she calls him, "the secret head of the Islamo left".  I really like her petty, derogatory sounding slang but will give leeway as she says she is a US citizen no longer living in the states for 8 years.

Now we get to the gem of this posting, Americans have been killed by refugees both in the States and Europe.  Too bad TW's examples don't hold water. (Keep this in mind as she expands this list a bit later and mentions this "plot" on a few occasions.)
Deb has already dispelled the Russell Square incident using TW's own source.  The only point I would add, according to some sources, IS was celebrating the attack via social media.  That means nothing.

As to Orlando, San Bernadino, and Boston, none were refugees.
While Omar Mateen was Muslim, he was an American citizen of Afghan descent.  In a subsequent call to 911 prior to the shooting, Mateen swore allegiance to the leader of the ISIL, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and said the shooting was "triggered" by the U.S. killing of Abu Waheeb. He later told a negotiator he was "out here right now" because of American policy in Iraq and in Syria. No links between ISIL and Mateen were ever found.

Concerning San Bernadino, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik were homegrown extremists.  Farook was an American-born U.S. citizen of Pakistani descent; while Malik was a Pakistani-born lawful permanent resident of the United States.  Inspired by foreign terrorist groups. They were not affiliated with such, becoming radicalized over several years prior to the attack.

The Tsarnaev brothers where children of asylum seekers who enter the country on visa, they were not refugees. They were also 10 y/o at the time and would not have gone through the vetting process receiving derivative status from their father who had, indeed, come to the U.S. fleeing war-torn Chechnya.
What is very important to note, there is a difference between a refugee, asylum seeker, and immigrant.  Most notably that a refugee undergoes vetting prior to stepping foot in this country.  For an asylum seeker, they can only claim asylum once they reached the country; an "unauthorized entry".  For our purposes that is enough to know, but bear in mind there are many mitigating circumstances and a bunch of legalese to contend with.

You will now see why conversing with a uneducated con-nut is so infuriating.  After my comment concerning Orlando et al she proceeds to tell me that there is a plan afoot keeping me in the dark concerning crimes committed by refugees.  Now I want y'all to think about that for a moment.

Currently I receive over 500 media feeds that I look at on a almost daily basis.  This is my only hobby.  My personal database of information - articles, e-books, papers, commentary, etc - consumes 3 external hard-drives consisting of a terabyte of storage.  My bookmarks number upwards of 100,000 spread across 5 browsers depending on subject. I spend upwards of 13hrs a day filtering said information, commenting on said information, or depending on subject posting about said information.  YET, I am the one in the dark!

Again Deb beat me to the punch on Nolen.  As to Mohamed Harir Ayanle, there is no indication he is a refugee other than being from Somalia.  As noted, ICE can not legally comment about an individuals immigration status but the articles reviewed noted he is in the country legally.  Although he was scheduled for a Jan 3 hearing, no further information is available without searching court records. (Sorry I am just to lazy to delve into that morass!)

Again TW has come up empty in the evidence category to support her contention that Muslim refugees are inherently bad.  As Chris notes, there is no way that an incident such as a beheading would be kept quiet.

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