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When a wingnut cries foul (pt 6)

FYI::  I have a difficult time with the term "research".  I am by no means an individual who spends my time in a lab but what I do is a literature review of available material.  I mean no disrespect to actual lab rats who spend their day making this a better world through science.

First let me tackle TW's weak objections and why she can't be taken seriously without some hardcore study into the issue.
1]  TW insinuates I need to be "awoke".  If that isn't a stupid new age-y, woo term I don't know what is.  I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was asleep!  I would have to be a complete dumb-ass to not agree that Islam is a concern in EUROPE.  We live in the US with different policies concerning entering the country.  (Embedded in this story is a nice little video that gives an overview of the vetting process.)  Crime statistics do not support her contention that refugees are responsible for killing American citizens. 

What I find odd, there are some in the con nut community that believe Charlie Hebdo, Belgium, San Bernardino, and 911 (for example) are Zionist controlled false flag operations.  No terrorism, just a bunch of actors - nothing happened.  So which is it?  TW doesn't seem to fit this category.

2]  Who said anything about racism? Xenophobia, yes.

3]  TW backtracks when shown the existence of the list and her demand to "do your research" points to these incidents not be hidden.  Again points 6 & 8 of her "plot".

To give an idea of how stupid this idea of "secrecy" is, TW states earlier in the thread, "REad [sic] the articles, they have the secret head of the Islamo [sic] left as a feature regularly. Research Soros."  (She was commenting on another comment's use of a MSM article as source.  The source, was not acceptable to her as it fell into her notion of propaganda.)

So if George Soros is the head of a secret group, how the fuck are we to "research" it?  His involvement wouldn't be known if it was a secret now would it?  Deb nicely points that out.

4] Uh,,, what fucking rock would we have to live under to believe the incidents on the list were made up? If the item is in the news to be "researched", how could it be "bypassed or ignored"?  You cant have it both ways!  As Deb states,  "that's you seeing what you want to see. It's [the original meme] only stating the FACTS as they currently are."

Whether the meme is appropriate is another topic, but given the current socio-political climate in the US I actually find the meme to be spot on.  We have 2 issues, not supported by statistics, that have become the center of national policy making.  Meanwhile, Flint (MI) is still drinking bottled water; a dam nearly collapsed in CA.  We now have a president hell bent on stripping consumer protections and destroying our environment.  Sorry, but where someone pees is not that important.

5]  TW states we are disrespecting the dead.  How so?  I find that TROPs list is disrespectful by lumping all cases of violence into one category.  The human stories of the victims are lost.
Just so we're clear, a few more examples (from list) to support my contention that refugees are not the issue TW claims them to be.
  • The Sept 11th attackers were all on some type of visa: tourist, business, or student.
  • Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino incident.  Farook was of Pakistani heritage born in the US. Malik moved to the United States in 2014 with a Pakistani passport and a K-1 visa. She was granted a conditional green card in July 2015. After the attack a revision of the program under which Ms. Malik entered the country took place.  Neither were refugees.
  • Nidal Malik Hasan, Fort Hood, Tex., in 2009.  Born and raised in Virginia.  Not a refugee.
  • US citizen, Ali Muhammad Brown, a 2-state murder spree in WA and NJ.  Not a refugee.
Yes, there is a connection to Islam in some manner, but none on the list are refugees.  End of story.

While doing some reading for this posting, one notion stuck me; TW does this as well.  The conflating of "refugee" with "immigrant" and "asylee" as I have noted, but also the rejection a so-called "middle ground" in Islam.  While accepting moderate/liberal Christianity or Judaism. Many believe that Islam is Sharia (their understanding of it), ie all Muslims are terrorists; giving Christianity and Judaism a pass on their barbaric practices and beliefs. 

For example, I have heard the statement, "well, we don't believe that,,, we're a gay affirming church."  Last I checked, Steven L. Anderson still wants me dead.  Gordon Klingenschmidt, Kevin Swanson, Scott Lively et al still preach hate.  See the problem?  You can't say Islam considers moderates apostate and Christianity is one happy family when it is not.  Gene Robinson, Mel White and Matthew Vines are considered apostates within some sects of Christianity.  The Levitical passages still stand in the minds of many followers.

Just as Islam is a bad ideology at its root, so to is Christianity. Just as Islam has bad followers doing bad things, so to with Christianity and Judaism. I would be more concerned with right-wing extremists than radicalized Muslims.
,,,the most likely threat continues to be lone individuals or pairs inspired by jihadist ideology without the type of extensive plotting, communication, or travel activity that would tip off the layered counterterrorism defense system.
(Right-wing terror threats include Neo-Nazis, Christian Identity extremists and other white supremacists, armed militias and some Sovereign Citizens.)

I would be more concerned about this country's gun violence than foreigners.  Between 2001 and 2013, CNN reports firearms in the U.S. killed over 406,000 people. All terrorism in the U.S. came to just 3,030.  Death, no matter what form of violence it takes is tragic, but "scapgoating" in the case of refugees does not do justice.

So, what is my issue with this list besides that it has nothing to do with refugees.  (FYI::  TROP does not present this listing as a argument against refugees.  It is being misused by individuals such as TW as evidence against such.)

1] TROP’s list of so-called "deadly Islamic terror on American soil since 1972" reveals it to be nothing more than a deeply biased, propagandistic spin-job that conflates:  real terrorist attacks, semi-religious/culturally motivated crimes (ie honor killings), attacks on military personnel, domestic violence, and mental illness.

2] TROP (and anyone who regurgitates this tripe, like Gellar and TW) ignores that the vast majority of “terror attacks” in the US, more than 90%, have come at the hands of non-Muslims.  By doing so they avoid the big picture. 

In essence what TROP has done by notating every bit of alleged Muslim related violence, they have surrendered to the terrorists.TROP, like many others claim that all Muslims are terrorists. The proof?  Well, just about every attack is Islamic, they retort.  As I note above, it's just not that simple.

3] TROP over simplifies as Muslims comprise almost 90% of the victims of worldwide terror attacks by Islamic extremists.  Yet I see none of your ilk bitching about 315 anti-immigrant and 112 anti-Muslim hate incidents in the month after Trump's election.

4] TROP's failure to see the bigger picture may be pushing in the wrong direction.  Basically the action of our nation and gov't has become the biggest recruiting tool ISIS has.
Ms. Monaco said the government should be careful not to take actions that feed into the Islamic State’s message of Western persecution of Muslims. “ISIL appeals to that and are doing so through social media,” she said. “If we do things that play into that, that is letting ISIL win.”
Mr. Johnson, who has met with Muslims in New York, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and elsewhere, said the government needs the Muslim community. “The overarching message to them is, help us help you — help us to identify someone in your community who may be heading in the wrong direction and how can we help you amplify the countermessage to the Islamic State message,” he said.
I could go on and on citing studies and reports showing the hyperbole concerning the refugee/immigration issue.  But the fact remains that those set against helping those less fortune are gonna be dicks no matter what.   Disseminate false bullshit information in a public forum, I will respond.  If said information can't stand criticism, it will fall. It is that simple.

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