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GOP 'Cranking' Enthusiast Tells Michiganders To Flee 'Homosexual Agenda'

Remember this story about Jordan Haskins of Michigan?  The political candidate that found joy in jerking off in cars?  Well it seems he has told residents to flee the state if the legislature approves an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination bill.
PrideSource reports that Jordan Haskins took to Facebook to blast an attempt to add protections for sexual orientation and gender identity to Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights, urging his supporters to leave the state in protest.
"If the state wants to trample religious freedom, we go somewhere else where our values are welcome," the candidate wrote on his Facebook page Oct. 8. "Michigan loses tax money, economic performance, jobs, etc. if they choose to be entrenched with the homosexual agenda, it's time for conservative christians (sic) to vote with their feet and their dollars."
In another post, Haskins boasted of his fight against the “homosexual movement.”
Steve Deace: Gay 'Rainbow Jihad' Put Jesus In Jail!
Conservative talk show host Steve Deace is out with a column today titled “The Rainbow Jihad,” about how gay rights advocates are destroying freedom and everything good.

Deace cites the dubious Religious Right “persecution” cases of Phillip Monk, the Houston pastors and New York and Idaho businesses to make the case that America is now embracing the totalitarian ideology of “cultural Marxists.”
 The cultural Marxists promised us no one would lose their God-given rights by granting people the made-up right to be godless, but now their answer is “if it does happen you deserve it you bigot.”
Man Who Believes God Speaks to Us Through "Duck Dynasty" Is About to Be Texas' Second-in-Command
As a Texas state senator, Dan Patrick has conducted himself in a manner consistent with the shock jock he once was. Patrick—who is now the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor—has railed against everything from separation of church and state to Mexican coyotes who supposedly speak Urdu. He's even advised his followers that God is speaking to them through Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.

A former sportscaster who once defended a football player who'd thrown a reporter through a door (Patrick believed it wasn't the journalist's job to do "negative reporting"), Patrick became a conservative talk radio host in the early 1990s—Houston's answer to Rush Limbaugh. In 2006, he parlayed his radio fame into a state Senate seat—and kept the talk show going. In office, he proposed paying women $500 to turn over newborn babies to the state (to reduce abortions), led the charge against creeping liberalism in state textbooks, and pushed wave after wave of new abortion restrictions. For his efforts, Texas Monthly named Patrick one of the worst legislators of 2013.

With a victory on November 4, Patrick, who is leading Democratic state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte in the polls, would find himself next in line for the governor's mansion of the nation's second-largest state. (Rick Perry, the current Republican governor, was previously lieutenant governor.) But even if Patrick advances no further, he'd be in a position to shape public policy—Texas' lieutenant governor is sometimes called the "most powerful office in Texas" because of the influence it has on both the legislative and executive branches.
Jim Bakker: Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwiches While Everyone Else Is Dead

The headline should have read, "Jim Bakker: Enjoy Ice Cream Sandwiches While Everyone Else Is Dead and without electricity"
Much like his fellow doomsday prophet Glenn Beck, televangelist Jim Bakker regularly dedicates segments of his show to selling survivalist food supplies while warning of the country’s imminent peril. Last week, Bakker discussed the Ebola outbreak and other possible calamities, including a collapse of the electrical grid.

Bakker said that while “90-some percent of all Americans will be dead in less than a year” if such a breakdown occurs, you and your family will be secure if you take advantage of his special “time of trouble” offer to purchase packages containing between 91 and 273 desserts, including ice cream sandwiches, chocolates and pudding.
The Single Greatest Civil Rights Threat of Our Time

According to Samuel Rodriguez the supposed threat to religious liberty is "the single greatest civil rights threat of our time."  Although I find Rodriguez's view a bit backward as he and his ilk are more of a threat to my civil rights, than I am to his.  His reality and my reality are two different things.
We live in a time where the very freedom to express our respective faith values stands threatened – a road we have never been down before. From the HHS mandate requiring religious organizations to sacrifice conviction on the altar of political expediency to the failed attempt by Uncle Sam to require businesses, such as Hobby Lobby, to abandon conscience or suffer the consequences of continued litigation, our freedom to worship stands threatened.

This violation of religious liberty is the core and quintessential civil rights issue of the 21st century. Dr. Martin Luther King opined, "The church must be reminded that it is not the master nor the servant of the state, but rather the conscience of the state. It must be the guide and the critic of the state, and never its tool."

The recent outrageous legal demand by city officials in Houston ordering pastors, two of whom are pastors on the NHCLC board, who opposed a recent measure to surrender any sermons addressing homosexuality, gender identity or Houston Mayor Annise Parker, the first openly lesbian mayor of a large city, exemplifies with absolute certainty that freedom of religion in America can best be characterized in the year 2014 as nothing other than an "endangered species." While the Mayor later backed off, saying that the subpoena of the pastor's sermons was too broad, the question remains, if it weren't for the uproar that was caused, would she have pulled back on her own?

For that matter, we must embrace one simple truth; silence is not an option. For with conviction and compassion we understand that a posture of complacency today will result in a position of captivity tomorrow. Thus, for the sake of our children and our children's children, I issue a clarion call to all people of faith to our fellow Americans that this nation birthed out of the seminal principle of religious liberty.
Homosexual Movement Is Deadly To Our Natural Rights

Gina Miller declares that Christians must fight gay marriage with everything that they have,,,
At this point, only the most deceived or grossly uninformed among us do not realize that a devilish enemy regime has taken over our nation.  Under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) we have seen unprecedented lawlessness from the executive branch of the federal government.  The laundry list of Obama and company’s malfeasance and arguably impeachable offenses continues to grow.

Perhaps the most diabolical advancement of Obama’s tyrannical, anti-American agenda is in the area of the radical homosexual movement.  From militant homosexual activists, we have seen a full-frontal assault on the rights of Christians and others who oppose the campaign to force on America the acceptance of special “rights” for sexual deviants and the destruction of the definition of marriage.  We have seen Obama load his administration with open homosexuals.  He has appointed them to federal courts.  He has overseen the repeal of the prohibition on homosexuals openly serving in our military.  He has used his Justice Department to ignore federal law that correctly defined marriage.

Under Obama, the activists in the radical homosexual movement have become emboldened, drunk on their metastasizing power to crush the rights of the right-thinking people of America.  Examples of legal assaults against Christian business owners are piling up faster than ever before, and the most brazen to date occurred last week against pastors in Houston, Texas.  The story has been everywhere, as is the outrage of the American people, that city attorneys under the in-your-face homosexual Democrat Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, demanded that local pastors turn over their sermons that relate to the detestable “Bathroom Bill” shoved down the throats of the city’s residents.  In part, it allows men to use women’s restrooms and other private, sex-segregated facilities.  This move by the City of Houston is a gross, illegal affront to the God-given, natural rights of Christians who live there.

Idaho City Threatens Christian Pastors with Jail if They Don’t Perform Same-Sex ‘Weddings’

For a lover of liberty who feels that the laws of our country do not apply, I bet the first words out of Tim Brown's mouth if anyone attempted to take away his guns he would be the Second Amendment.
However, as I pointed out at that time, this is not a federal issue and so anything ruled by the federal judge or the Supreme Court is irrelevant. It is a state issue and on top of that it is a Biblical one in the fact that it is about the defining of marriage. Thus, the governor of Idaho, as well as Scott Walker of Wisconsin and other governors of states that took this issue to the Supreme Court should stand up and say we aren’t following that ruling. It’s unlawful to do so and that court is not the final authority when it comes to this issue.
Notice the tiny disclaimer, "this issue."
I call on all U.S. governors to stand together and tell the Supreme Court to take a hike and tell these cities to stop attempting to enforce “pretended legislation” on the people to advance the homosexual agenda. Where are the people of Idaho? Why are they not protesting this city council and the governor over this issue?

As a final note, if you have a problem with me using terms like “queer,” “homosexual,” and “sodomite,” you might want to check yourself. This is what these people are. They are not “gay.” They are degenerates and they have your children as a target. If you don’t stand up to them Christians and get rid of your spineless, easily offended thin-skinned, you are going to get steamrolled and your children will be the ultimate victims. Call on your elected officials to enforce the state laws, which remain on the books against the sodomites…..for the sake of the gospel and the sake of your children!
Lots more to come,,,

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