Friday, September 4, 2015

The derp, it hurts

Pat Robertson: I Don't Have Psychic Powers, Just Get Messages From God To Heal People
“This isn’t psychic, they are real and we’ve had thousands and thousands of people who have been healed,” he added.
Evangelical Pastor Claims Giving Him Your Hard-Earned Money Can Cure Brain Tumors
And, not all giving is equal, apparently. Not in the eyes of God. Parsley takes it up another notch. According to him, if you give a specific dollar amount, then you will receive a “seed from God” in accordance to what you gave. If you give $37, for instance, Mr. Parsley says, “that is what it will take to receive God in your heart.” If you give $77, then “God will double” your reward. But, he doesn’t stop there. While those are relatively small amounts, he asks that if you are in really desperate need, $777 will give you an uncommon miracle. And, it’s a number worthy of curing brain tumors.
“The holy spirit is impressing on my heart, to say to you, release this word to you, so you can lay hold onto it by faith….because your need can be represented by a $777 seed (donation). You need an uncommon miracle. You need a miracle like that precious women whose childs brain was full of tumors. There comes a point when reason gives way to desperation and that desperation gives way to faith. That’s where you are right now, a $777 seed. Don’t allow this moment (to give), this God season to slip by.”
Jackson (Mississippi) Mayor Tony Yarber Has a Solution to the City’s Pothole Problem: Prayer
Everyone take a moment to facepalm at Tony Yarber, who thinks prayer can fix potholes.

Now be afraid. Be very afraid. Because Tony Yarber is the Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi.

And he continued to stand by his tweet when questioned about it. Because asking city workers to take care of the potholes would be too hard, I guess.
Jim Bakker Urging Followers to Buy Real Estate in Heaven
“Heaven has all kinds of property, ghettos, shacks, apartments, starter homes and mansions,” Bakker said. “Send in your love offering to ensure you have a palatial mansion in heaven. You want to make sure you are in a good heavenly neighborhood.”
City council member, pastor spar over churches as polling places
The pastor of New Life Assembly of God has withdrawn his church as an option to host a city polling station and accused a city council member of discrimination.

In an Aug. 14 email to the Janesville City Council obtained by The Gazette, the Rev. Michael Jackson said he withdrew the offer after council member Sam Liebert at the Aug. 10 council meeting said he preferred not to use the church because of separation-of-church-and-state concerns.

Jackson accused Liebert of discriminating against his church and pointed out that First Lutheran Church in Janesville already hosts polling for four wards. First Lutheran has done so since at least the 1990s, according to its pastor, the Rev. Jim Melvin.

Jackson wrote in the email that Liebert is “the one member of the council who should have been most sensitive to the issue of discrimination,” apparently referring to the fact that Liebert is black.
H/T Hemant Mehta who has a good look at the issue. ",,,a church isn’t automatically a problem."
You heard the man, we heathens have this radical idea that maybe our government shouldn’t place Ted Cruz’s religion above anyone else’s.

Ted Cruz to Jan Mickelson: 'Atheist Taliban' Attacking Religious Liberty
“There is an assault on faith and an assault on religious liberty that we see across this country and it has never been as bad as it is right now,” he said, claiming that “radical atheists and liberals” are “driving any acknowledgment of God out of the public square.”

“There are these zealots — as you put it, the atheist Taliban — that seek to tear down any acknowledgment of God in the public square, and it’s contrary to our Constitution, it’s contrary to who we are as a people.”

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