Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Addendum - Show Notes::They're kinda related (Pt 3)

Dumb ass me forgot to include the for shit and giggle URLs.  In other words, more information if you choose to delve further in.  Instead of adding on to original post, I have made a separate one because of length.  I hope to touch on Kerri Rivera next week.

These are in no particular order nor is this list exhaustive.  There is much good information available, this is just some that I have found.

Humble's book
Propaganda videos for MMS (Links only)
Some of Humble's goofy "religious" beliefs.  Ancient aliens anyone?  Can definitely "feel" L.Ron's (Scientology) influence.
If you notice, in the comments, a reliance on the notion of acid/alkaline theory of disease.  Simply put diseases can't live in an alkaline environment.  This same premise is behind the diet.
  • Similar to the Project Camelot video noted in the main article; Jim Humble and the MMS narrative.  Notice where he say his Ministers of Health "expect donations if they succeed" [11:20 mark].
  • MMS Debunked  (Regretfully this site nor YouTube channel have remained active.)

  • The comments on this are just so special, typical MMS apologetics.

  • Again the comments,,,

  • One more,,,


From the CBC, we have this
Since 2010, Health Canada has issued seven health warnings for MMS.

The mixture — also sometimes known as Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) — is being used in some cases by parents who are looking for a way to "cure" their children of autism.

"We have several case studies that have been published of people that have consumed sodium chlorite and had very serious side effects, including renal failure," said Lynda Balneaves, the director of the Centre of Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto, which tests alternative medicines for safety and efficacy.

This comment says it all, "So We Have An Ex Scientologist Who Claims He's From Another Planet, A Mother With Absolutely No Medical Knowledge And A Make Shift Doctor With A Fake Degree Telling Us We Need To Rid Our Bodies Of Parasites And Diseases Like Cancer, Autism And Arthritis By Drinking Industrial Grade Bleach And Using It As An Enema And Photographing The Results Of Each Toilet Break To Check And Get Rid Of These Parasites??" [sic]

Connection to Rivera

Although not Humble, it is on his forum for the G2C.   Much like the Christian Revisionists prefer to cite the Declaration of Independence, these apologists cite patents; like they mean something.  From 2012,,,
If the medical establishment diagnosed my son or daughter with Autism, the only documentary I’d be producing is the one that handed neurotoxic needle-pushing poison peddlers their backsides. I’d then be off to looking under every rock for my child’s cure (because I know they wouldn’t be); and if I found it, I’d produce another documentary that handed them their frontsides. This would be my only mission in life - if my son had Autism.
 Much unlike Drezner, we will be contacting the parents of the children that have reportedly made significant improvements using MMS, and we are currently collecting case by case clinical data showing MMS does what those singing its praises claim.

The thought crossed my mind; who’s underwriting Drezner, someone with ties to the FDA or Big Pharma? In a huge effort to not allow myself to be given over to absolute speculation like Drezner, I will wait and report my findings when they become factual.

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