Saturday, May 28, 2016

Just a quick blurb,,,

for those that may be new to my blog.

I am changing focus a bit as my brain can only take so much.  After 7 yrs of posting on religio-political stuff I just couldn't do it anymore.  As some of you may know I suffered a stroke last July and another this past March which has caused post-stroke depression.  Itself a daunting task to overcome but I am also bipolar which limits treatment options,,, ie antidepressants are verboten.

In that light I decided to get off the depressing stuff (or so I thought) and focus on a few sciencey type things that nag at me.  The woo fuckery is just as strong and I have been personally involved in challenging it.  It is bad when your own GP suggests chiropractic neck manipulation 3 weeks after suffering a stroke.  Or your digestive issues are gluten related without any type of testing.  How bout acupuncture for ongoing neuropathy.  Trust me, it gets worse as my inbox is filled with woo.

That is what you will see for a while as I attempt to battle the woo.  It is dangerous and can kill.  Sorry I'm staying on my statins,,,

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