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UPDATED::Show Notes::They are kind related (Pt 5)

Please be advised there is developing news concerning Rivera; will update when more is known!!

A bit of a side note before we begin. One question I have been asked is, "why I don't concentrate on the (NOT) science of MMS and what is presented by Humble and Rivera?"

My answer is twofold,,,

One, although I love science and feel the science behind this shit is crank of the worse kind. Delving into the "chemistry" of it all is very long and tedious (for lack of a better). In other words, what Humble and Rivera state is so twisted, if not out right lies, it would take the patience of Job to unravel. I have picked at some but it's a 10x1 ratio; for every 1 page of garbage, it takes 10 pages to refute. Also, those much better than I have tackled this issue. I refuse to make my shit sound all sciencey just for the sake of word sounds. I am a lowly dishwasher with no college degree, I am going to speak the language I actually understand, NOT make shit up!!

Two, I am going to steal a page from Orac, "There is no currently known valid medical reason to give this chemical to anyone to treat anything. None of this is (or should be) in serious dispute from a strictly scientific, medical, or ethical standpoint."

To me that says it all!!

Humble and his minions whine and "complain" that there are no trials being done; that this drug isn't being studied or that autism isn't being studied. In order for a trial, besides the legal and ethical considerations, there has to be evidence of some benefit to the proposed treatment. As Orac notes there is none; there isn't even an inkling beyond its use as a biocide.

In that light, I am more interested in the mental or emotional aspect,,, why are people so deluded into shoving MMS up their kids ass.  I'm not talking fence sitters who are honestly "searching" in desperation for information and answers, I'm talking your "lalala finger in the ear" types, who are presented evidence that this shit harms the children they claim to love, but yet still do MMS ignoring the evidence.

To reinforce Orac's assertion Dr. Eric Fombonne, a prominent autism expert, is cited in a 2009 Chicago Trib article surrounding DAN! and the vaccine court, "There is no evidence for (the treatments') efficacy, no evidence for the reason for them to work. There (are) no published studies which would suggest that (they) would change the course of autism." 

So last time we took a brief gander at Kerri Rivera, today we all going to delve a bit more into this sadist with no medical background. We are gonna take a look at this "mom" who knows better than all the doctors and autism researchers.
Letting a quack like Kerri Rivera give a talk about feeding autistic children bleach and giving them bleach enemas until they get a fever, all in an attempt to cure their autism, blows past that line at Indy racer-like speeds and continues on for the proverbial 500 laps past it. From my perspective, if anything, we skeptics went a little too easy on Ms. Rivera, but our commenters didn’t. They called this “treatment” what it really is: Child abuse. Even if the bleach in the solutions poured into these children’s anuses were nothing more than water or saline, it would still be child abuse because it’s a useless therapy that involves doing something that is likely to cause extreme distress to any child. Autistic children, however, given their frequent sensory issues, are far more likely to find such a treatment to be painful or disturbing in the extreme while many of them would be less likely to be cooperative for it. But, as we know, it’s worse than that, given that Rivera advocates upping the doses until children start having fevers, exulting about how she loves fever therapy.
When I first took an interest in this MMS shit, I was "lucky" enough to find not only Jim Humble's book but Kerri Rivera's as well. As neither cost me anything (legally obtained BTW) I was like WTH, at least the apologists can't say I didn't read em.  Needless to say the $0 I spent could have been used for better things. The time reading their drek I will never get back.

BUT, in all honesty, the only way to combat this shit is to jump right in,,, I did!! 

Science Mom wrote this, in 2012 regarding a petition against MMS:
This needs to go farther in my not-so-humble opinion. MMS, chemical castration, stem cell injections, chelation, faecal "transplants" and the myriad of "cures" that autistic children are subjected to at the hands of their parents would not be tolerated if perpetrated against neurotypical children. Imagine the outrage if something like these "treatments" were featured at a paediatric conference. The treatment of autistic children as objects of gruesome experimentation has to stop. Public perceptions with regards to tolerance of this abuse need to change. Or, it needs to be brought to their attention. Merely banning an MMS peddler from AutismOne's roster is not enough and won't improve the quality of life of this segment of autistic children by much. That said, I appreciate what you are all doing here.
Although I do not have the visibility of many fine bloggers on the front lines, hopefully I can do my part by bitching to you all. The mind-set that is impetus for me,
See, this is exactly the theme you were obviously setting up:  those who take the position well founded in Science are not open minded (they consider others “whack jobs” and have opinions “set in stone”); but somehow taking a position not supported by science is not only” open minded”, for some,,,it is even equated with being open minded.
For shits and giggles, see also::  'Skeptics' article stirs up condemnation from skeptics, praise from holistic thinkers and Science bloggers, 'skeptics' exposed as group of online terrorists whose weapons include intimidation, censorship and threats

This is the type of mind think these jack-wads expect us to have, a belief not based in science but some pseudo-scientific woo, "Because plant-based medicine works through the synergistic effects of thousands of phytonutrients working together."  WTF?  I'll take my Invokana and Metformin; I'll take my Metoprolol, thank you very much!!

Think this denialism isn't a cult,
Greg, May 2, 2013
They consider themselves scientists but nothing could be farther from the truth. Why solely dwell on the scientific process when you also need integrity, humility and passion for truth to deliver the goods? Who would argue that Einstein was not the greatest scientist of all? Einstein single-handedly gave us the phenomenal, revolutionary ‘theory of relatively’ without the aid of one single scientific study. He did this solely through his thought experiments. He was successful because he was the ultimate embodiment of the scientific spirit — integrity, humility and passion for truth. You only need to look at the man and you can see these things. Contrast Einstein’s scientific spirit with theirs. We have an autism epidemic that is obliterating generations of children and what solutions do they have to offer? Where are their passion and motivation to provide answers to the suffering children and their families? Instead, all we hear are lame excuses; ‘we don”t know if there is really an epidemic…we can’t do an unvaxed/vaxed study because it’s too difficult…stop asking us to investigate vaccine components because that’s shifting the goalposts…and so on and so on’. What happened to their scientific ideals of seeking truth to the betterment of mankind? Poor, pathetic, sad sacks they all are. How low they have sunk. Despicable pharma shills, they do not hesitate to prostitute themselves for mere selfish gains. They are the ultimate sell-outs. Not only did they sell-out our kids but they also sold out their own profession. History will forever judge them as the most odious excuses for scientists.
We have all faced this in debating theists in some form or another.  We have faced it when debating those that embrace the paranormal.  That's what drives me, besides the abuse of children, it is being told I am not open-minded. Science does not choose sides, it either supports a contention or it does not,,,I err on the side of science.

The book
What makes Rivera so dangerous is her book. Her lectures are just as bad, but the audience is limited, at least directly at the venue; although the internet has changed that paradigm. What strikes me, her son Patrick, is nothing more than a guinea pig in a desperate struggle to rid him of this horrible demon(s).

According to (former ?) minion Adam Abraham:
Rivera is the mother of an autistic child, a growing boy who, in his second year of life, was healthy one day, and after receiving a required, “routine” inoculation, suddenly went away. His body is there, but his spirit, his proclivity toward normal human interaction, is not. He is distant in a way that saddens a mother’s heart.
UPDATE 6/1/2016::  When I put this piece together I could not find the blog-posting that "confirmed" my assertion of "former".  Here it is from the horses mouth; pay attention to what his new "miracle cure" is now:  Dawn of a ‘Peece’ Movement,  FEBRUARY 6, 2013.
Let it be known on this day, of my official withdrawal from the “Miracle Mineral Supplement/Solution” a.k.a. “MMS” conversation.

While I am grateful for what I have learned and the many amazing people I’ve met on this journey, in good conscience, I can no longer continue to address various ways to use the product when a more compelling solution—one that is unquestionably natural, benign, and not subject to the issues or laws of interstate or international commerce, or capricious, jingoistic “approvals” of “Man,”—presents itself, though it may initially be met with even greater skepticism, prejudicial distaste, or disbelief than MMS.

Nonetheless, that compelling solution is one’s own urine. You could say that it is from Earth, Mother Nature, or God, and all statements would be true. The Intelligence needed to bring together all the components that are found in urine that make Life and health blossom again, is clearly beyond the most “advanced” conventional scientific knowledge. Why it works is not beyond our understanding. What’s hard to understand is why we continue to believe our present methods might work, when the results they produce have been, and are so abysmal. Also hard to fathom is why the Powers that Were thought we’d never figure this out. Perhaps they planned another false flag event or two to keep us arguing at each other about guns.

Scientific evidence shows that urine is a proven, natural remedy of superior efficacy to anything that is produced outside the body, and is perfect for what ails you at the moment of intake. It is everything that little minds in big laboratories and ivory towers would love to create, protect, and control access to, while selling a little bit at a time back to you at very high prices.
Yes folks, he wants you to fucking drink your own pee!!

As described, these are the sub-human children mentioned in part 3.  The soulless children stolen away by vaccines only to be recovered by purging the toxins away.   As I mentioned, this is the shit that Jenny McCarthy spouts.
"Autism, as I see it, steals the soul from a child; then, if allowed, relentlessly sucks life's marrow out of the family members, one by one. It relegates every other "normal" think to utter insignificance." (p xvi)
That was in her 2008 book, Louder Than Words, penned by  Dr. Jerry Kartzinel who wrote the introductory material.  This is the same mind set of Rivera; Rivera's book further opens that doorway to multitudes.  While I have read it, due to other postings I have never written a review.  It is just that bad from a scientific POV but yet trusted by many.  Ban CD MMS has a decent review if you are so inclined, here is but one example.
See also: Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, an Objective Critique Part 1: Setting the Scene, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, an Objective Critique: Part 2, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, an Objective Critique: Part 3, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, an Objective Critique. Part 4: Chlorine Dioxide, Debunking Rivera: The Blood Brain Barrier
The people who sell these products prey on parents who are desperate to help their child. Because of the stigma surrounding autism, and the narrative which promotes autistic people as lacking potential which I talk about in this video), some parents see autism as so terrible that they would risk killing their child, making them sick, or giving them a disease like polio or whooping cough rather than have their child be autistic. As an autistic person, this is deeply troubling to me. The lack of education when it comes to autism, the lack of respect for autistic people, the lack of awareness, the negative views, all of these things contribute to the point of view which says that risking someone’s health and wellness for the small chance of getting rid of their autism is worthwhile.
There’s a common stereotype that autistic people are lacking in empathy. This is a misconception built on confusion between cognitive and emotional empathy. (a subject I explore in this video) It seems sadly ironic that non-autistic people levy these claims, when autistic people aren’t the ones giving children toxic “treatments” which are clearly harmful. It’s obvious just how desperate these parents are when they convince themselves that vomiting, fever, and diarrhea are normal and even desired outcomes of this “treatment”. There has been at least one case of M.M.S. sellers being prosecuted for their actions, hopefully with more coming.
See also: Science Mom lays it bare.
I like, many others find this chapter (chpt 9) ironic, not only does she condemn supplements in her book she states in her AO2014 appearance,,,

So we should take that she is against supplements, they are a no-no BUT,,,

Ban CD MMS notes,
Yet in her book "after recommending the CD protocol which will deplete your child of essential vitamins and minerals, they now advise you to give your child all sorts of vitamin and mineral supplements. It is a little like recommending that people burn themselves without reason, and then advising them to use a burn cream."
In the same vane, another example, although not mentioned by Ban CD MMS, ingestion of vitamin C and antioxidants,
It’s important to carefully review your child’s supplements. In order to maximize the benefits from this protocol consider removing any antioxidants, (they kill CD—more on that in Chapter 5, page 88), calcium, magnesium (which feeds the biofilm), as well as iron and B12 (which are favorite foods of parasites). p9
Jump to page 88 we read,
Although antioxidants have their place in personal health and are common in many foods and supplements, they cannot be taken at the same time with chlorine dioxide—they negate each other. This is why vitamin C, juices, and other antioxidant containing foods are prohibited in The Diet. p88
So which is it, banned altogether, or don't take when consuming CD?  I hate contradictions.

I have in the past mentioned the problem with this suggestion, and it boils down to one thing,
CD is a chemical oxidizer - a free radical - which intensifies the depletion of vitamin C and causes oxidative stress.  So in Rivera’s effort to “heal the symptoms known as autism,” she is causing more harm by damaging one of the foundations of our immune system.

Remember the candle analogy?  What antioxidants like vitamin C do is provide electrons for the oxidizer. They, in effect, sacrifice themselves to be the candle that is burned, instead of other important compounds in your body.  The buildup of free radicals over time is largely responsible for the aging process.  Free radicals may play a role in cancer, heart disease, and conditions like arthritis.” This should be a red flag that MMS is a toxic chemical and should be avoided.
Keep in mind Rivera also states on page 133 to avoid carrot juice as it "feeds" the pathogen.  Yet on page 234 we read this:
Carrots are another effective home remedy for eliminating intestinal parasites in children. The chemical constituents of carrots attack pests by preventing their development. It is one of the most effective natural treatments for children, when given a small cup of grated carrots each morning until the problem desists.
So which is it?  Are carrots good or bad?  The sugars she so wants to avoid in juice is still present in the whole vegetable. 

I am going to highlight one more quick example of bad science and call it a day.

If you remember, in the past I have noted Emily Willingham's "experiment" that shows that MMS is bleach. In the same vane, Matt Carey of LBRB has "taken" that idea one step further.
I thought about taking this to the next step–putting some drops on raw meat to see how much tissue would be bleached. Then I thought, I wonder if there’s a study on this already?
What makes Matt's inquiry interesting as well as eye opening, there is a study, actually a couple of studies, to support his claims.  Something he notes in his subsequent posting, the study -  Comparison of Organic Tissue Dissolution Capacities of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorine Dioxide.

According to Matt, the first study looked at how well these solutions dissolve tissue.  Results and conclusion,
No statistically signi´Čücant difference was found between the tissue-dissolving properties of 5.25% NaOCl and those of 13.8%ClO2 (P > .05). Saline did not dissolve the organic tissue. (p2)
Within the limitations of this in vitro study, it was concluded that [13.8%] ClO2 [solution] is efficient as well as NaOCl in dissolving organic tissue. (p3)
Foreseeing issues from the MMS apologists, Matt found another study - Effect of chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite on the dissolution of human pulp tissue An in vitro study. Which concludes, “,,,5% Chlorine dioxide is capable of dissolving human pulp tissue but sodium hypochlorite was more effective.” (p358)

Remember, the Humble/Rivera solution is 28% CLO2!!

Whether one wants to argue semantics or hyperbole, CLO2 is a bleach.  What it is not is a household bleach like Chlorox (TM).  CLO2 is an industrial bleach used in various industrial capacities as well as a biocide. While "dose does make the poison" keep in mind that the FDA limit is 0.8 mg/l.  That is what is allowed by law in our everyday drinking water.  That is what science has deemed safe to ingest. If you do the math, "Humble is recommending about 60 times the FDA limit, and that this is to be taken every hour for 10 hours." [35]  Kerri Rivera goes to even further extremes in her "72-2 protocol".

As I said, I don't give a rat ass what an adult does to their own body, I do care that this is being forced upon the vulnerable.  Especially autistic children.  This is not "like" chemo where the treatment has a known efficacy in fighting the disease.  "It is promoted as a method to rid the body of parasites, with no testing before or after to demonstrate the need nor the efficacy of this parasite based approach. The bleach is given until kids are demonstrably sickened by it–the vomit or have other symptoms." Autism is not a disease that needs to be killed.

The apologists for this poison, also in conversation, delve into the whole acid/alkaline theory of disease which makes "talking science" around MMS even more convoluted.  Something I may explore as I have touched on the implications in dieting.

So much for avoiding the science, as you can see it can become very bulky, very quickly,,, But Rivera's book as well as Humble's is full of this shit.

If there was some actual science in with all the anecdotes, it would be bearable.  Regretfully the anecdotes offer no supporting data to the cause.  The parents are seeing what they are meant to see, what they are brainwashed to believe. 

Like most religionists Rivera take advantage of the most vulnerable.  While Rivera seems to have toned down the religious aspect, it is still there.  Remember she is a Bishop in Humble's church and like most frauds is hiding out in a foreign country to avoid discipline.

And this JUST in,,,

As of 8AM 5/28/2016

This is developing,,,till next time!!
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