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Jillian's Writing a Book,,, We Take a Look (1)

So Jillian is in the midst of writing her third book for publication. Recently she read, via video, her preface to said book. So I thought we would take a look at what she has written so far. As per usual I am not critiquing Jillian's grammar etc but content only. Altho I will say this,,, based solely on her FB content, her writing has not improved in my opinion.

When one uses a talk to text program it is extremely important that one edits the text. Jillian does not appear to do that; at least concerning her Facebook postings. As for her "books" she does minimal editing. Whether she actually has a paid editor is questionable. Not to be a bitch, what passed as her second book , who ever was her editor should be fired. End of story.

Which is it Jillian, a couple days or a couple weeks? It cant be both and is not a point that you can be "neutral" about. This goes back to Jillian's idea that in order to argue a point, you must be able to argue it from both sides. But then she carries that point to mean that we should not choose sides in an argument, we should remain neutral.

She states,

I wanted to see just a little bit of improvement in the way I write in strength that weaknesses are and I'm doing everything I can to strengthen the weaknesses I have, but that also has to do with biochemistry being organized in body, mind and spirit. Being able to separate ideas and then conjoin them to gather to find ,,,[garbled],,, and so I have my own journey of my own challenges that I love and it's always a continuous process of improvement and that's exactly the Jilly Juice journey is a continuous process for improvement and that's just what life is.

Now, I am not going to fault Jillian for wanting to improve herself. I am all for it. But to go so far as equating self betterment, self-improvement - how ever you want to phrase it - with the process of biological evolution, is just plain wrong.

A side note: while Jillian does not outright state at this point her incorrect notion concerning evolution, I personally believe this is what she is referring to. I realize this is just her preface, but I feel it necessary to explore notions she has dangled before. If one were to follow Jillian's Facebook postings as well as her videos, you would understand what I am alluding to. 

I know I have commented numerous times as to Jillian's apparent lack of understanding evolution. She seems to think that it (evolution) occurs at an individual level. It does not!! Evolution by definition is the change in a populations allele frequency over time. There is no other means to define evolution. Bear in mind I am being simplistic for brevity's sake. (Case in point, consider the various strains in regards to Covid-19. We are literally watching evolution in action.)

The only changes that consuming JJ and its high salt content may possibly cause are mutation leading to, for example, gastric cancer

I am the inventor of the Jilly Juice protocol. Jilly Juice is nothing more than fermented cabbage, water, and white table salt on a body that will eventually be able to handle all of the food supply.

As I have stated numerous times concerning Jilly Juice it is not a fermented drink. You, Jillian, have no evidence to substantiate - to borrow your term - your claim.

As to your use of "white table salt,"  iodine tends to inhibit the beneficial bacteria in a cultured vegetable, and is NOT recommend for ferments.

The core issues of this very publicized controversy stems from my beliefs in indefinite life,,,

Here's the thing, after Jillian's appearance on the Dr. Phil show she changed much of her verbiage. One point she changed was stating that a person could live to 400 years old to the now "indefinite life."

The issue is how Jillian uses the term or phrase "indefinite life." You see, from my POV, it sounds like Jillian is still implying being able to live 300-400 years, but is using the wrong terminology to do so. Indefinite, implies not being precise or vagueness. In other words, there are no exact limits. By my understanding this is no different than what we already experience.

We don't know how long we are going to live and neither does Jillian. The average life span is ~79 years old. Jillian has no evidence to state otherwise. Individuals aged 100 or older, referred to as centenarians, make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. population.

The so-called controversy is not her claim(s) per se, but the fact that Jillian has no evidence to support her claim(s). Just making a statement, or asserting a statement, does not make it so. One must utilize the scientific method to support your hypothesis. Something Jillian does not do as she thinks that her google-foo outweighs current scientific and medical research.

,,,and also the power of fermentation, salt, sugar, conflicting with mainstream confirmation bias is like any new thought process.

There is no "confirmation bias" in science. It is either true or not true. Science does not start with a conclusion, science lets the data speak for itself.

Confirmation bias occurs from the direct influence of desire on beliefs. When people would like a certain idea or concept to be true, they end up believing it to be true. They are motivated by wishful thinking. This error leads the individual to stop gathering information when the evidence gathered so far confirms the views or prejudices one would like to be true.

Once we have formed a view, we embrace information that confirms that view while ignoring, or rejecting, information that casts doubt on it. Confirmation bias suggests that we don’t perceive circumstances objectively. We pick out those bits of data that make us feel good because they confirm our prejudices. Thus, we may become prisoners of our assumptions.  

It must be examined, cross-examined, dissected and debated until there is enough reasonable credibility. The information can be substantiated through reputable sources and this is why turn to pub med, academic institutions, that already have substantiated three different contexts that are actually related everything

Jillian's postings, videos, and books are rife with cherry-picked data - often removed from context - to appear to support her claim(s). When one reads her sources in context, many times as I have shown on numerous blog posts, her own sources don't even support the claim(s) she is making

Let's ignore, for the moment, all of Jillian's claims. Let's return to the one point that I and many other critics have harped upon since day one. Jillian's entire premise, her protocol, rests on this one point.

In October 2019 I issued a challenge to Jillian and minions:

1] find just one paper stating that the consumption of 47,344 mgs of NaCl per day is safe.

2] find one paper stating that the consumption of 11,833mgs (1 quart) of NaCl per day is safe.

Since publication of such challenge I have yet to receive evidence of such from Jillian (or her minions). Jillian cannot provide, or has not, provided one source that support her primary hypothesis.  Claiming “maverick” status for rejection by myself and other critics, just doesn't cut it. Jillian's material is not peer reviewed. Copying unrelated material, removing it from its original context, and then pasting said material into a new context is not research.

For example, back in December of 2017. Jillian broached the topic of molten-salt batteries, believing this supports her notion that her mega-dose of salt is warranted because of this molten-salt technology. As I stated in 2017,

,,,the discovery centers around molten salt batteries such as sodium/sulfur or sodium/nickel chloride designs in which electrodes are kept at high temperatures to keep them in a molten state and allow charge to transfer between them.

I shouldn't have to say it, but no relation to bio-chemical reactions or drinking mega doses of salt daily. Salt or I should say sodium, is the only similarity and last I checked I was not a battery.

Yes, salt (NaCl) is an important part of our diet for the health of our bodies. Our body uses salt to balance fluids in the blood and maintain healthy blood pressure, and it is also essential for nerve and muscle function. We require 250mgs per day, altho the RDA is 1500-2300mgs. Not the 6,900 mgs in a 2-cup recipe as Jillian prescribes.

As I have oft stated Jillian either did not read said article about molten-salt batteries, or did not understand. Personally, I believe she cherry-picked information she felt supported her claim, placing it into a new context, and then called it a day.

Sidenote:: the use of salt to replace lithium ion batteries was in the news yet again this past month.

Soooo,,, I had hoped to summarize Jillian's video in one round. You'd think after all the years of following her antics, I would know her shorter videos are harder to unpack as she Gish-Gallops terribly. So consider this part-1 with a part to on the way. It's written I just need to record, edit, and make it purty.

With that said see you in a few days!!


Thursday, October 1, 2020


I generally do not talk about my personal struggles unless relevant.  Recently though things have changed.  Due to health issues, I have had to ask for help in securing adaptive technologies and assistance aids (things my insurance nor finances would allow for).   As some know I have had a third stroke and the hemiparesis is much worse this time.  I am not bouncing back like the past.  I am OK considering, but I am struggling physically.  Pretty much my right leg and arm are not functioning properly.

TBH I wasnt not expecting much of a response due to so, so many being in similar or worse situations.  It has only been a few days and already funding has come in. All I can say is thank you.

For transparency sake this is what I will be purchasing if my goal is met (I dont really know how much I will need total).  I am also exploring other suggestions as they come in for extra help in maintaining my independence.  Stuff I havent thought of to help

  • Dragon talk to text (secured funding)
  • Ergonomic keyboard (secured funding)
  • Ergonomic Mouse
  • Headset with mic (secured funding) - a want (although now a need thanks to fat bastard) for continued YT content and podcasting. Also necessary for use of talk to text.
  • Wheeled Walker (in process)
  • Wide grip utensils for cooking and eating.
  • Sock putter on thingy (not completely necessary but would be helpful)
  • Grabber (Im short and can no longer climb)
  • Wrist stabilizers( may or may not be necessary - taking a wait and see approach)
  • Magnifier eyeballs
  • Small Toaster Oven (not an immediate need but it makes cooking easier and less likely to burn food as  can set a timer to prevent over-cooking or burning food)
  • Small  Microwave (Also not an immediate need, actually still debating IF I need one. 
These are in no particular order.

If you donate and would like a receipt of what I purchase I will gladly send such!!

The first statement made by a cult or cult leader is "we are not a cult"


No you dont know the distinction between a cult leader and a teacher of fact.  If you did you should know that one of the first statements made by a cult or cult leader is "we are not a cult."


I could continue, but will save you, the reader, the boredom of doing such.  Havoc N Chaos if filled with Jillian's erroneous claims if interested.

So, Jillian, what is the salinity recommendations for a standard ferment?  What is the salinity of your brine?  How is that determined?*

Please explain what this represents::


Those two overall points are THE basics of fermenting.  If you dont understand, you should not be telling your minions to drink your swill. 

You dont answer questions because you cant.  A simple fact-check on your numerous claims demonstrate you have no understanding of the information you read.

Both books are filled with faulty and misleading information While they book have concepts, neither have facts or substantiation. A few example from just the first two chapters of her most recent book.

 What are the laws of life and death?  Who observed these laws?

Who are these teacher that claim to be a deity?  How about some names!

Haha!!  I'll save you my diatribe concerning brainwashing but leave you with this,

[Brainwashing] is a story that we tell to explain something we can’t otherwise explain,,, scientists who actually studied the American POWs once they returned from Korea, brainwashing was altogether less mysterious than the readily apparent outcome: The men had been tortured.

See also:: 

Is Brainwashing Real?

What is wrong with having an informed opinion?

While we may get a mental image of an issue being presented, it is also important to employ critical thinking and not accept what is presented at face value.  Kinda like not accepting what you state via FB, YT, and your books as fact without comparison to what is known to be true.

Are you sure you werent looking in a mirror when you composed this dribble?  Why is change so scary for you?

You again speak of the "laws of life" and "the laws of death" but fail to explain what they are.  How are we to understand them if you dont explain what they are?

I have already explained the "definition" of an antibody, but it bears repeating.  

The role of antibodies is to neutralize an infectious agent. It is a part of our immune system. From the German anti-toxischer K├Ârper "anti-toxic body.” With “body” referring to the physical structure and material substance of an infectious or disease causing agent.  

Not as Jillian states, "they're anti body."

Prostogladins are more than part of the "healing hormones" as they are also involved in regulating the contraction and relaxation of the muscles in the gut and the airways. As well as, regulating the female reproductive system - involved in the control of ovulation, the menstrual cycle and the induction of labor. 

They are a group of lipids (IOWs not one entity) made at sites of tissue damage or infection that are involved in dealing with injury and illness. They control processes such as inflammation, blood flow, and the formation of blood clots.  IOWs they're the little bastards that are responsible for the  inflammation, pain and fever we experience as part of the healing process.

What is interesting to note, excess and chronic production of prostaglandins may contribute to several diseases by causing unwanted inflammation. This would explain the use of anti-inflammatories.  So like Jillian's lack of understanding probiotics, she demonstrate her same lack of understanding in regards to prostaglandins.  She over-generalizes.  Like probiotics, they are not the panacea she thinks they are.  Yes, they have a specific function in the body at specific levels; above and beyond that range they can become problematic.

Also, prostaglandins are not your immune system. Only prostaglandin E (PGE) has been shown to have a clear role in the regulation of cellular and humoral immune responses.

As I have noted before, Jillian's understanding of antibodies is just wrong.  So wrong it will take a post, or five, to unpack.  You, the reader, can add postaglandin(s) to that list.

What does acceptance of one's medical condition(s) have to do with social activism?  

I find it ironic that you flap at the camera about how bad university is, but when you need alleged "substantiation" for a claim, you have no issue citing those same academics. You remind of a doom and gloom, end-times preacher preaching about the evils of the world and only JJ can save.

Not cultish at all,,, lol.

You do realise that prostaglagins are horemones?

So,,you are stating that ~ 7.8 billion people not doing JJ are imblanced?  That the 20 people consuming your slop are the only ones safe from society?

* To make a 2.3% brine solutions::  2.3 grams NaCl combine with 100 ml H2O (% w/v = g of solute/100 mL of solution).  A 2.3% brine is suggested for softer veggies like cabbage; 2.5% for something like carrots.

** The chemical reaction of lactic acid fermentation.  Notice the by-product of CO2.  That is what gives the ferment the fizzies.  No fizzies no ferment.


If you like what I do and would be willing to assist in acquiring adaptive technologies, would you please consider a donation.

Recently I suffered a third stroke, and while over-all I feel good, physically not so much.  Regretfully my partial paralysis is making life difficult - hence why no posts for 4-5 weeks.  I can no longer type comfortably nor at a speed that coincides with my brain.  Utilizing the mouse is damn near impossible.

While a donor is securing talk to text and a mic/headphone, I am looking to purchase a ergonomic keyboard and mouse. While not blog related, I am also looking into purchasing a wheeled walker and other assistance aids to maintain my independence - ie wide grip utensils, magnifying eyewear, a grabber,etc.

Can you help!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Change is not always a good thing (Reaction)

This has yet to reach YT,,,

"Bio-chemistry" is such a broad term.  Do you mean homeostasis?  That was your go-to word for a while; as was "homeostasis interuptus" - not a real word BTW.  IF that is what you are speaking to, then a wildly fluctuating homeostatic range is not a good thing.  It should not be changing as if one changes their panties.

So what!  Socio-political views are prone to change.  Some studies have shown that as we age, we become more conservative.  Studies have shown a more liberal bent in current youth thinking as compared to generations off the past.  Nothing ground breaking.  Ginseng tea had nothing to do with it.

My eating of Hostess Donettes (the chocolate covered kind) has no bearing on my socio-political views. Same for imbibing in RockStars and Monsters. JJ isnt going to make a difference either - unless you consume so much you shrivel your brain like Jillian.
What has changed some of my views:  living in poverty worrying daily if DayGloMan will eliminate my Medicaid and/or SNAP. What has changed my view, is being told I should be executed for just existing.  Instead of hiding I have written and spoken publicly about my struggles.  What I have done is written to and called my State and National Representatives to voice my concern. 

What is your evidence that one's biochemistry is directly correlative to their beliefs?  What studies have you done?  Where are they published.  I would love to read them.

Really, funny, I became an atheist after 35 years of being a Pentecostal/Charismatic Christian.  What changed my mind?  Listening to arguments put forth by other atheists.  Studying the two positions and making my own conclusion.  People can and do change their beliefs when presented with a sound, rational and logical argument to do so.  Asserting false, easily fact-checked information is not the way to go.  Just because you say it is true, does not make it so.
And BTW Jillian, you havent changed your views, you are still an AV con-nutter. You just attempt to market your bullshit to appeal to more people. One that has changed their views, would not argue the same talking points - for example shedding - if you know longer accepted the AV position.  You argue against anti-bodies - stating they are bad.  You do realize the importance of an antigen-antibody response in regards to vaccines? And FYI, vaccines are not a matter of "healing" but of prevention.  I highly doubt, then, that you understand antigen/antibody response.

If you dont support Trump, why do you spew the same or similar views he espouses?
You do understand that the current world wide population growth rate is +1.7%-2.2% .  Great depopulation agenda!!

How is being anti-academia or anti-science achieving balance?
You dont know what you believe as you change so often you cant keep your lies straight.  There is no left wing or right wing in science. 
Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson and The Importance of Science and Space Exploration  | Chegg Play
Just because you dont agree with a point science has demonstrated to be true, doesnt make your view correct.  As I stated in a previous post, you are not a maverick scientist.
Look in the mirror much, "Anything you respond to is something your dealing with yourself."
Uhm,,, so my socio-political views have not changed in 30 plus years.  A few things have, but for the most part my humanism is unchanged; although I will admit. much broader than before.  My views do not fluctuate on a daily basis.  Stating that such should occur, along with one's biochemistry, demonstrates how shallow your beliefs are.  Your trying to fit in with the big boys and girls but your panties are too tight.  Do you understand how wishy-washy that makes you sound?
You speak of cold hard facts, WTF would you know, you dont leave your house. Your DH is the sole provider as far as finances. Until he changed jobs, you barely lifted a finger other than to spew your vomit on FB 12 hrs a day. 

And, yes, facts can be argued, it is done so in every court of law on a daily basis.  In fact, Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha shooter, is doing just that in fighting his extradition.  Every day scientist are challenging what we accept to be true in the name of advancing science.  Whether a word is a noun or adjective is irrelevant as nouns are identifiers; adjectives describe attributes.  I noticed you added numerous qualifiers to your statement, why? My 7-8th grade English teacher would have a field day correcting your misuse or misunderstanding of the language.
IOWs your minions haven't destroyed their GI tract as you have done.
I wouldnt brag too much about where you're at. Sitting in front of a camera, on FB vomiting verbal diarrhea to 7-10 people, is not an accomplishment. Spending $2300 to have two books published.  Two books that maybe have sold 150 copies total?
You dont let your minions discover their "beliefs" you dictate to them what they should think. Those that dont agree with you are blocked or deleted only allowed to return after groveling and agreeing not to disagree.  Case in point, MKV is now back in your good graces.  That is not balance, you are humiliating people to feed your narcissism.  You're so off your rocker you dont evens see the crazy you spew.
If you like what I do and would  willing to assist in acquiring adaptive technologies ,would you please consider a donation.

Recently I suffered a third stroke, and while over-all I feel good, physically not so much.  Regretfully my partial paralysis is making life difficult - hence why no posts for 4-5 weeks.  I can no longer type comfortably nor at a speed that coincides with my brain.

While a donor is securing talk to text and a mic/headphone, I am looking to purchase an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. While not blog related, I am also looking into purchasing a wheeled walker and other assistance aids to maintain my independence - ie wide grip utensils.

Can you help!!